Each game has seven Experts and seven Categories that you must clear to build the Bank, and to go through to the Final Question. Answer the Final Question correctly to win the Bank.

The Qualifier

The starting player is chosen at random. That player must then choose a Category to answer and an Expert to Shutdown. The Expert whose Category is chosen is lit in Gold and the Expert who's shutdown is lit in Red.

The Wheel is then spun, which can then land in Blue, Red or Gold. Landing in Blue or Gold will bring up a question for the player to answer. Answer correctly to add money to the bank (landing in Gold is worth more than Blue). Landing in red will take the player out of the game, then a new player will be chosen at random to play the next Category.

Whoever answers the final Category correctly gets to go through to the Final Question.

The Final Question

The player gets to see the Rank order of the Experts based upon how well they answered the questions. They can then choose the top, middle or bottom ranked Expert to play with. Which are worth either half the Bank, the whole Bank, or twice the Bank.

Four possible Categories for the Final Question then appear, one of which is chosen by spinning the Category Wheel. A question will then appear and the player will have 30 seconds to get the Expert's opinion, if they want it, and to answer the question.

A correct answer will take home the Bank and an incorrect answer will end the game.