Milestones contain many different tiers of Rewards. Collect points to unlock the tiers. Points can be earned in many different ways depending on the type of Milestone that's active.

Some Milestones also have Leaderboards that let you compare your score with other players.

Milestones can also have Ranked Rewards. When the Milestone ends, these bonus Ranked Rewards will be delivered to your mailbox. The higher you Rank the better the Rewards!

Current Milestones include:

  • Hey Big Spender (earn City Cases by spending Cash)
  • Bow Tie Bonanza (earn Supernerd Pieces by beating Chasers and spending Gold)

Upcoming Milestones include:

  • Red Star Rush (earn Red Star Cases by beating Chasers, the more Stars the better)
  • XP Extravaganza (earn lots of Chaser XP by answering questions correctly)