To play VS Mode you need two devices with the latest version of The Chase: Ultimate Edition installed, both of which are on the same local network.

One device is used for the Team the other device is used for The Chaser. Like the normal game you can have up to four players in the Team.


During the Cash Builder rounds The Chaser will spectate. After a Cash Builder has ended, The Chaser can choose from four different options for the low offer and four more options for the high offer.


In The Chase things for the Team look like they do for the normal game. For The Chaser though any answers they choose will be highlighted with a red outline. The Chaser will see answers chosen by the Team appear in light blue.


For the Team this plays just like it does for the normal game, with the chance to push back The Chaser if they make a mistake. For The Chaser they must do their best to catch the Team's total before time runs out.

Good luck!